Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About A-WISH!

I am the mother of Jamilah Williams (PSD Member) and I would like to share my experience about PSD.  When my daughter 1st joined I was a little confused on what it was. As she continued to go I saw the big picture and she became a part of something huge! I was excited about seeing the young ladies go from friends to sisters. It didn’t just teach my daughter valuable things, it taught me a lot as well.....such as the Bible, leadership, respect, growth, and becoming something more in life. I went to a couple of events and when walked in I felt love and I spoke. I felt safe with these young queens. I want to thank Aseealah for having me and my daughter apart of pink star diamond!

Jamilah Davis

Praise The Lord!! I have known Aseelah for about twenty five years. I remember when she first talked about Agape Water and she wanted to help others. It has always been in her heart to do for others more than herself.  Then she started "Pink Star Diamonds".  There is quite a few young ladies involved and it is a very powerful ministry to young ladies that needed ministering to. She work with them faithfully, never tiring!!  She brought them to church in groups even though she has her own four children. Aseelah belonged to a class I taught called "Victory By Virtue" which was a thirteen week class and a graduation!  She felt that she could minister the same way to the young ladies and that's where she formed "Pink  Star Diamonds"  Those young ladies learn a lot from her spiritually and naturally.  As a Police Chaplain in AC I see a lot going on and our young ladies need all the help and guidance they can get!!  Thank GOD for her!!!  I'm sure she will be available to help others along the way!!

Minister Sherri Everett 

Pink Star Diamonds is an amazing ministry. They're a caring and compassionate group whose goal is to bring encouragement, hope and the light of Christ through various services. Working with the homeless population I've encountered many discouraged individuals. Pink Star Diamonds have on several occasions ministered to both the physical and spiritual needs of such by providing meals and spiritual support. I am grateful that they chose to share this wonderful ministry service to homeless women and their children. 

Toni Jordan- Graef Director of Women's Ministry 

The Pink Star Diamonds and AWISH are making a positive difference in the lives of today's young people!  I knew when I first met founder, Aseealah Davis, that she carries a genuine concern and compassion for today's younger generation and simply wants to help them succeed in life.  Her commitment to help, through her programs, AWISH and PINK STAR DIAMONDS, exemplifies her genuine passion and dedication of making a difference.  From feeding the homeless, to educational workshops, to fun outings, or simply just gathering in fellowship, her labor of love is a gift that is truly a need in these days and times! I pray that God continues to use Pink Star Diamonds and AWISH to be a positive impact and blessing to others.

Julia Daniels - First Lady, Ark Of the Covenant KFTC

I was going through a lot and I didn’t know how to handle my anger besides using violence. My cousin, Aseealah who is the CEO of AWISH prayed with me and helped me to let go and God would fight for me.  I ran with the devil so long I didn’t understand anything else. Thanks AWISH!!

Hafiiza Dunham

PSD is a great program! I am very lucky to get the help and experience I got. My mother, Aseealah  is always honest,nice and very helpful. We talked about things we couldn’t tell anybody. She even helped us with valuable life lessons. I really appreciate everything she does for me. If every girl in the world can get the opportunity I have, that would be amazing.

Shaunajah Davis-Roberts

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