Aseealah Davis, CEO

Ms. Aseealah Davis is and has always been a resident of New Jersey. She is a mother of 4 and a fur-mother of one. She is the operations manager of A-WISH. Ms. Davis is well qualified experienced in working with youth and families. Ms. Davis works for the Hamilton Township School District as a Paraprofessional. Ms. Davis certifications include; Strengthening Families, Mental Health First Aid, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, First-aid & CPR, as well as Leadership building. 

She's a mentor and leadership coach, which will prove to be the essential foundation blocks to the business as it evolves. A-WISH has a vast staff roster that includes many volunteers and part-time employees. Those volunteers and employees are willing to follow her guidance and establish protocols to apply the principles associated with A-WISH's existence effectively. 

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